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How to order

To find and order the kits you need at Models-Hobby.com, please use our Online Shopping Cart System.

The best way to browse the products selection and to choose the items you need is to use our Catalog link at the top of the screen, or use the Category Menu at the left side of each page. To find certain model, you may also use the Product Search Box above the category menu.

Every item has its own category and Description Page, that contains the kit’s full size image, complete model name, price, “Add to chart” button, Ask-A-Question Link and Recently Viewed Products menu. At the right side of the description page you may see the name of the kit’s manufacturer.

If you’d like to buy the selected kit, please click on The Ordering Button (“Buy”) near the item of your choice at the model’s description page. Near this button you can choose the quantity of the items you want to buy. By default it is “1”. You can type any other number of items.

When you click “Buy” button the item will appear in the Online Chart. At The Online Chart Page you can check all selected models are prepared for the purchase, prices for each item, total price of the purchase. You may also remove or add some items before the confirmation of order.

To confirm the order please click the Confirmation Link at The Online Chart Page. Then you should choose if you would like to register an account at our site or not. We recommend to register in case you would like to order something in the future. All you personal data will be stored securely.

Please note that some items may be not in stock at the moment. In this case at The Kit’s Description Page you’ll find the information note: For this model the confirmation of availability is required. Please combine you pre-order, wait for the confirmation of availability and then make the payment.